Vonfo assets management


We have been in the system since 2013 owing our market success to a value-oriented corporate culture that focuses on long-term returns. We invest sustainably. and we are committed to long-term partnerships: as an investor, we work with our expert brokers, project developers, property developers, and operators who pursue the same interests as we do. In co-investments, we become our clients’ investment partners. In this way, we offer them the opportunity to participate directly in the value development of the jointly purchased properties.
We want to take advantage of opportunities and increase value – whether for Core, Core Plus, Value Add, or opportunistic real estate approaches. We look back on a long company history and different investments in many European countries and other parts of the Globe. In-depth knowledge of the markets and diverse investment experience make us a reliable partner.

Transactions worth > EUR 31.5bn completed since 2019,More than 8.8 million square metres under management, EUR 19.9bn of financing volume since 2019 (fund-level)

Consistently ranked high by European dealmakers (PropertyEU) Integrated Vonfo assets management Asset management team with approx. 100 professional Forex traders and Market Analyst with More than 10 years of experience in several countries we are there with local expert teams, who know the specifics of the markets.

Our experts’ specialist knowledge also encompasses a very broad spectrum in terms of types of use and risk classifications.

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