Vonfo assets management

Mission And Values

Respect, trust, and innovation are Vonfo assets management’s core values. They are important orientation points for the way we think and act with regard to our clients, employees, and all of our partners.


As investment managers, we respond to the ideas and wishes of our clients. With our expertise and advice, we provided the best possible support for realising individual investment ideas.


Real estate and Forex trading is our world. Since 2013, we have accumulated know-how in the most diverse markets


In a rapidly growing company, there are new challenges to be mastered every day. We count on the performance of our employees and their full engagement. In return, we offer excellent career prospects.


Long-term relationships with employees and clients are of great importance for our entrepreneurial success. These relationships have developed from trust in Vonfo assets management as a reliable partner.We are proud of our partnership-based corporate culture, from which our investors profit sustainably.


As an employer, we delegate a high degree of decision-making competence and responsibility to our employees. Thus we allow them the space to develop and enhance their knowledge, experience, and personalities. This is how we promote their identification with the corporate objectives and their commitment to our clients. This is what we mean with “Vonfo assets management Spirit.”


Identifying trends in Vonfo assets management research department, we keep an eye on diverse market, Thanks to our internally created market analyses, we are able to react to market changes at an early stage and respond to our clients individually. This is only possible through our staff’s outstanding expert knowledge. For us, true expertise is the key to successful investment.


As investment manager and investor, we develop tailor-made strategies for our clients. We have opened up a large number of international markets and offer a broad range of investment opportunities with regard to types of use and risk classes. Our actions are intended to create lasting values for our clients.


Openness to colleagues and supervisors is one of Vonfo assets management’s guiding principles. Productive feedback in the form of praise, recognition, or criticism is always welcome. Likewise, we are open to new ideas and curious about new perspectives and approaches – only in this way we can develop further.

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